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Former Kansas Health Secretary John Hayden expressed outrage Thursday at the state's decision to isolate 19 patients at Gardner hotels. He was frustrated by the lack of communication from state officials, whom he cited as a major factor in his resignation from the department last week.

The communication failure, he said, could pose problems for officials and the county as a whole. Gardner's mayor, Steve Shute, said in a Facebook post Wednesday that the Kansas Department of Emergency Management's emergency management did not consult him before setting up a nonprofit facility at the Super 8 motel in Gardner. "I think it's a good thing," Hayden said Thursday, adding that commissioners should have been notified, but not either. Gardner's mayor, SteveShute, later posted on Facebook that the state had not consulted the city and county government and that he had been informed of the plan because the hotels were already accommodating patients.

A spokesman told FOX4 that the focus would be on this type of facility, which could make it harder for the state to find future sites.

FOX4 has contacted Johnson County Emergency Management to see if it has coordinated with the state to set up the facility. Commissioner Janee Hanzlick said the county had discussed the possibility in the past that people could become infected and homeless. Hayden said he and his staff worked incredibly hard to ensure the need could be met, but he said his agency was never informed that such a facility existed. The state has not alerted him to the new facility, and he knows that some of the 19 COVID cases have been in prisons.

He said it was not safe to isolate or treat people in this type of facility because they live on the street.

The hotel also has a high-tech fitness centre if you really want to get your blood pump going. If you introduce a movement regime, the indoor pool is perfect for cooling down and there is an indoor pool for cooling down.

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