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One of the best ways to explore the Kansas City metropolitan area is to simply get in the car and drive. We drove through the countryside around Smithville Lake to experience the rural and open-air side of Kansas City.

Here native prairie grasses and plants were planted to allow visitors to imagine what they would have experienced themselves. There is also a quiet trail that winds through the forest and prairie of the country from three original fountains.

The Kansas Historical Society is the state agency that actively protects and shares the history of our state. You can view images on our website, Facebook page and Twitter account at @ KansasHistoricalSociety.

Merriam, Kansas is a small town of about 2,000 people on the Turkey Creek Streamway Trail, now known as the Turkey Creek Trail, located at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 80 in Merri, Kansas.

The Mahaffie Farmstead Stagecoach Stop is located on the northern edge of the town of Olathe between the Oregon, California and Santa Fe trails. Located about a mile - and a half - north of Merriam, it is the site of one of Kansas "most famous stagecoaches. The site has been used for several decades, beginning in 1821 with the arrival of William Mahafie and his wife Mary and their two children.

The road runs between Oregon and California Trails to the northwest, Sapling Grove is at the northeast intersection and Santa Fe Trail to the southwest. Along this route there is a campground for hikers, but the trail leads through the town of Olathe, where you can see three ancient sites. South of the Mahaffie Farmstead Stagecoach Stop, the paths lead past Indian Creek Campground, where Mahaffie Farmstead's site was built at least in 1821, according to an article in the Kansas City Star. In the southwest, there is a campsite called Flat Rock at Indian Creek, which is located along the California Trail, about a kilometer - and - one - half an hour north of Merriam.

One of the largest oaks on the site is estimated to be more than 100 years old, suggesting it may have stood there when the Santa Fe Trail was in operation. Another confirmed location where physical evidence of a path can be seen is the southern branch of this path in Westport, Missouri, which is about a mile - and - one - half - hour north of Merriam.

In the 1840s, westbound emigrants who wanted to go to Oregon and California shared part of the route in this area, and the Westport route ran through what is now Fairway, Kansas. Merchants from Santa Fe left this route and preferred a new route through Westport, which crossed the state line about a kilometer north of here. The site is located on the west side of Interstate 70, just south of Merriam, about two miles from the Missouri-Kansas border.

The park has a forest area for hiking, cycling and wild flowers, geese, squirrels and deer, as well as a picnic area with picnic tables and picnic benches.

The city of Gardner, Kansas, epitomizes the great sense of community that many cities in Johnson County have. In addition, the people of Gardner Kansas are proud of the hard-working and dedicated people who founded Gardner in Kansas over 100 years ago. There is also a community center with library, public library and grocery store, as well as the Gardner Public Library.

Today, the farm, which sits on nearly 40 acres of land, is the only known Santa Fe Trail stop in the United States open to the public. Among the exhibits are frequent events linking the Bleeding Kansas bushwhackers with the Old West Trail.

Visitors can also visit a petting zoo and a corn maze, and pumpkins are on a four-acre site. Guests get lost, ride a giant pumpkin slide, play with pumpkin balls, pick a pumpkin and of course look at the spooky barns.

In addition, people looking for land to sell can find available types, including farms and ranches that are available in all types. Whether a farm, ranch, farmhouse or even a small ranch house, buyers will find many pleasant surprises at Gardner.

Gardner is located on the southwest edge of the KC Metro and there are plenty of places to fill up after a trip to the neighboring countryside. From visiting Hillsdale Lake Winery in the south to picking berries and pumpkins in the west, no trip would be complete without filling up for the day.

Gardner is part of the $231-million school district and five of six elementary schools are in Gardner. Edgerton Elementary is the only school in the district that is not within Gardner's reach, but also has the highest number of students in that position. The largest employer in the city and country is the 6 City of Gardner (135) with an average annual salary of 1.5 million dollars.

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More About Gardner